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Effective June 7th, "Jake and Jackie Williams Live" is available on iTunes as an exclusive pre-release for the special price of $7.99.  You will immediately get a download of 1 song for "instant gratification" and the balance of the songs may be downloaded on June 30th.  After June 30th, the album will be available at the regular price of $9.99.

Pre-release now available on iTunes

The companion album to the film.

OK, so the movie's over.  Want more Jake and Jackie?  Well here's your chance to get your fill. The songs on this album are not the ones from the film (with 1 exception).These are the the songs they performed live on their first ever USA tour, live in Detroit Michigan, their home town.

The pre-release begins today, June 7, 2017 and the official release will be following on June 30.  During the pre-release period you will be able to purchase the album on iTunes at a significant discount over the retail price on June 30th.  Also, you will get an immediate download of a selected song from the album to wet your appetite.  On June 30th the full album (the other nine songs) will be available to you for download. This is a great opportunity to keep the spirit alive and get the full range of their thoughtful, moody music. Whether you purchase individual songs or the complete album, you'll be humming and singing along with them all day long.  It's that kind of music, music with a hook!

Jake and Jackie Williams Live will be available worldwide on all these media platforms as a full release on June 30th.

Jake and Jackie perform their unique style of music, a blend of old school and new, as only Jake and Jackie can.  If you liked the movie, you'll love listening to these songs everywhere you go.