Bootsy Collins was an important contributor to the film. He supplied two locations.  One is the practice studio that Jackie's band rehearses in.  This is actually Bootsy's studio.  The other location was the lobby to his recording studio located in his home. In that scene, Jackie meets the Dominican and eyes his guitar collection.

Elvis played a black Gibson Dove guitar until 1975 when he gave it away in a concert in Asheville, NC to a fan in the audience.  Mike Harris, that fan, stills owns the guitar to this day.  He keeps it locked away in a bank vault to protect it.

Elvis modified his Dove by replacing the engraved Dove pick guard with a plain black one.  He added gold tuning keys and applied a Kenpo karate sticker to the front face of the guitar.

David della rocco

The character, Detective Hayward, in the film was scripted to be the former chief of security for Elvis Presley at the time of his death. The brilliant casting director Billy DaMotta was able to secure the real chief of security, Red West, who is now a celebrated actor, to play the part of Detective Hayward. Red was a boyhood friend to Elvis and wrote several songs for Elvis as well.  He was part of what was known fondly as "The Memphis Mafia"

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red west

Billy Wayde plays Elvis in "The Black Dove."

Few scenes are as memorable as David Della Rocco's peep show stripper shootout in "The Boondock Saints"  David has built a huge cult following playing the character Rocco that has followed him to "The Walking Dead" and all that he does. David plays The Dominican in "The Black Dove."

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In the film "All is By My Side" Andre Benjamin, as Jimi Hendrix, plays a black Gibson Dove guitar in a party scene in London that is set in 1966.  One small detail that was overlooked by the prop person--that guitar was not manufactured as a regular production guitar until 1986, and the very few, extremely rare, early ones were not made until the early 70's and were not an official guitar in production, but anomalies.


JIMI, All is by my side

starring Andre Benjamin

Elvis Presley

The fretboard was modified by Gruen Guitars in Nasheville with an inlay of mother of pearl spelling out Elvis' name.  It is one of an unknown quantity of 1970 era, black finish Doves, since it was not an official guitar and no records were kept of production totals. Gibson generously donated a current model Black Dove for the making of the film and the producer modified it to match Elvis' for the scenes with Billy Wayde as Elvis. The inlay was achieved by pasting fake wood decals over the pearl fret dots and cutting a fake mother of pearl name inlay and applying it with glue temporarily. The guitar has been returned to its former state and is a prize possession in the collection of the director. Billy's costumes were hand made by Billy and are accurate in every detail to Elvis' originals.