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nOVEMBER 2015 update
The Black Dove premiered on November 27th at the Arena Cinema in Hollywood at 1625 North Las Palmas Ave.  The RED CARPET event followed on the 28th at 6pm and fans turned out to meet the stars, take selfies, get autographs and view the film. It was also well attended by the press, including Getty Images and interviews by "The Hollywood Moment." The screening was followed by a Q&A with director Michael Caporale and the cast.

Hey, Indie-goers


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Well, it's been a long road, but "the Black Dove" is now in distribution.  It began on Sept 20th with an advance release on iTunes.  A full release followed on October 6th with both rentals and sales available as VOD on Amazon & Amazon Prime, Google Play, Vudu, Target online, Best Buy Online and into 180 million homes through STARZ video on demand, carried on Spectrum, Comcast, DirecTV and Dish. Negotiations are under way with Redbox and Netflix and foreign sales begin in earnest this fall and winter.

Currently, hard copies, DVD and BluRay, can be purchased on the distributor's website, with a full cover wrap and all the extras, including the deleted scenes, the"making of" and the director's commentary.

John Savage
John Savage burst onto the scene in 1978 with his extraordinary performance in the Oscar-winning Best Picture film, "The Deer Hunter." Relatively unknown to a wide audience, he was cast as Steven working alongside Robert DeNiro, Christopher Walken, Meryl Streep and Michael Cazals to create Michael Cimino's deeply haunting masterpiece.  Around the same time his vocal talents landed him the leading role in a movie-musical, that would become the generation-defining anthem, "Hair."   Soon followed by the film adaptation of Joseph Wambaugh's "The Onion Field" and a role as a suicide survivor in Richard Donner's "Inside Moves." John was again garnered Kudos as an outstanding actor of great range and diversity. He was nominated for Best Actor-Foreign for his work in "The Amateur."   

John's portrayal of Jake Williams’ transition from self-serving blues star to selfless father is already stirring discussions on the set.  His support for our indie endeavors, his tireless energy, good humor and giving nature inspired us all and made our complicated tasks seem easier. We were all thrilled to have had John Savage on board as our leading man.


The Black Dove is distributed by Indican Pictures.  For sales and inquiries contact Indican by clicking on the above link.

John Savage gives us the performance of his career playing the ner-do-well Jake Williams on a quest for the return of his extremely rare, black finish, 1970's Gibson Dove guitar.  It's a wild and hilarious romp as he teeters on the edge of self destruction only to find something else... himself. He's supported by veteran actors Sean Young, David Della Rocco, Red West and Lou Beatty, Jr.  Abby Wathen establishes her enormous talent as Jake's daughter, Jackie and newcomers Mia Caporale, Jimmy Lee Williams and Phil Lathem show they have the chops for a bright future in the business.


Worldfest Houston gave "The Black Dove" it's top award, the Gold Remi for a dramatic feature film and John Savage was given the Best Actor Award by the Houston Film Critics Society.